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Advice on health, ailments and medicines
Our staff and pharmacist can help with your queries. Contact us by phone or email for advice. Also our website has health and symptom information, but this should not be used instead of talking to a health professional if you are concerned.

Blood pressure measurement
We offer a blood pressure testing service here in the pharmacy, in the comfort of our private consulting room. This will help you "know your numbers" and check if your blood pressure is in guidance range, or starting to get a little high. Our pharmacist can then contact you by phone to discuss your readings and offer any health, diet or exercise advice you may need.

Dosette blister packs
If you have a lot of medications at different times of day, it can get difficult to organise and take them correctly. We can offer to pack your tablets into weekly packs, with spaces for breakfast, lunch, evening meal & bedtime doses. This hopefully helps you take your medicines at the right time each day and prevents confusion over missed doses and wrong times. After a telephone discussion with the pharmacy, this will be provided free of charge if it is deemed that this is the best way to help you with your medicines.

Erectile Dysfunction
We now offer a convenient, confidential service to help men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. After consultation with our prescribing pharmacist in our private consulting room, we can supply a medication to help the problem and get your love life back on track. Prices start from as little as £8.00 for this private service.

Facial Aesthetics
Coming soon! A new service for those wanting to smooth forehead lines, crows feet and frown lines. Using only UK licensed products such as Botox and Bocouture, dispensed from our registered pharmacy in Accrington (Hyndburn, Lancashire) and prescribed and administered by our own specially trained pharmacist, we will be offering a professional and safe service on an appointment basis. We will update our website as the service nears launch, so keep an eye out here and on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/botoxpharmacy/

Flu vaccination
We offer the yearly flu jab in our pharmacy. This is free for those over 65 years old, pregnant or those in one of the NHS "at risk" groups - those with diabetes, heart problems, breathing problems, epilepsy, reduced immune function etc. For these people it is important to get vaccinated every year, as the virus that causes flu changes each season. For these groups, flu can be a very serious illness and can lead to complications such as pneumonia, resulting in a need for hospital admission. We can make appointments for flu vaccination over the phone, or just call in if you're in the area. For those not given the jab at NHS expense, but still want to reduce the chances of catching flu, we offer a private vaccination service at a charge of £9.00 per jab. The vaccination season runs from September to March each year, but it is best to have the jab as early in the season as possible, as it can take up to two weeks for your immunity to reach full level.

Help with repeat prescriptions
As long as your doctor is happy to work with pharmacies, we can help with ordering your repeat prescriptions. Sign up with us and then just contact us 7 days before you run out of your medicines – by phone, fax, email or using our ordering service on our website. We can then order your prescription, collect, dispense and deliver it to you.

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Vaccination
HPV is an incredibly common infection which is contracted from sexual activity. In most cases people will never be aware they have been infected and eventually their immune system will clear the infection with no long term health problems. However, sometimes the infection can lead to complications. 90% of genital warts are shown to be caused by HPV infection and whilst not deadly they are unsightly, embarrassing and easily spread through intercourse. Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35 years old and around 70% of cases are attributed to HPV infection. In addition, HPV is implicated in cases of vaginal, penile, anal and oral cancers. While the only way to be 100% sure of not contracting HPV is to never be sexually active, there are ways to protect yourself. One of these is with a vaccination called Gardasil 9. This aims to help your immune system recognise at least 9 of the most commonly dangerous strains of HPV so any infection you come into contact with in the future are killed off quickly by your immune system before they can cause problems. A similar vaccine is now given to girls aged 12-13 on the NHS as part of the school vaccination program, but it has been shown to be beneficial and safe for boys as well as men & women up to the age of 27. We offer this service on a private basis from our pharmacy for men & women aged from 16 up to 27. The vaccine consists of 3 injections spread over a number of months, given into the upper arm. For those over 27, we do have the option of using a different version of Gardasil, but there is less evidence of it being beneficial. Please get in touch and discuss your requirements with our pharmacist.

NHS Medicines Use Review
We offer a medication review service to make sure you are getting the best out of your medicines and give you the opportunity to have any concerns or queries addressed in a relaxed, confidential environment. This service is funded by the NHS and is available for anyone who has their prescriptions dispensed by us each month. Appointments can be booked in advance, or just call in and our pharmacist will be happy to see you.

NHS New Medicine Service
If you are prescribed a new medicine for blood pressure, breathing problems, blood thinning or type 2 diabetes, the NHS offer a service for us to help you get the most out of your medication and make sure any potential problems are flagged up early. We can offer help with your new medicines by phone, or in the comfort of our consulting room.

NHS Prescriptions
We will deliver NHS prescriptions free of charge to a convenient address, be it home, work or to a family member. Local deliveries will be dropped off by a member of our staff. Further afield we will deliver by Royal Mail or a tracked courier service. As we hold a “distance selling contract” with the NHS we cannot dispense prescriptions on site while you wait, the medicines have to be delivered to you. Our staff can collect prescriptions from local surgeries, or they can be posted to us at freepost WYVERN PHARMACY. Alternatively you can nominate us as your preferred pharmacy and we can have your prescriptions sent to us directly from your doctor via the NHS electronic prescription service. Our FREE delivery service is a fast, convenient and efficient way of getting your medication - check out our reviews as proof!

NHS Repeat Dispensing
Repeat dispensing is a convenient way of getting your repeat items. Instead of asking your doctor for a prescription every month, we can help set up a "batch" of prescriptions from your GP that cover a longer timeframe - usually six or twelve months. Each time you need your medication, we dispense the next "batch" for you. This can even be done early if you're going on holiday - taking the stress out of trying to request extra prescriptions from the surgery. Once the batches have run out, we'll let you know so you can contact the surgery for any reviews or blood tests if needed before the next set are issued. You can contact us when you need another batch - or we can phone you when we think you are due and check what you need. This service reduces waste, speeds up getting your prescriptions and frees up your doctor's time to deal with real medical needs instead of signing repeat prescriptions. Call us for more information, or check out the information on our Leaflets tab.

Prescribing service
Our regular pharmacist is trained as a pharmacist prescriber. We offer a private prescribing service from our pharmacy. Please contact us by phone or email before accessing this service as if your problem can be treated with an over-the-counter remedy we will advise you as such. Likewise, if we feel you need urgent care from a doctor, we will advise you to seek such help. Otherwise we can possibly help by supplying a prescription only medicine after a consultation in our pharmacy. We can potentially supply for situations such as: period delay, malaria prevention, eczema flare-up, minor infections, acute pain with a known cause, sinusitis and cystitis. This list is not exhaustive, and it is the pharmacist’s judgement for whether to prescribe or refer to a doctor. As this is a private service, not funded by the NHS there will be a charge for the service if we prescribe and supply a medication. We keep this fee as low as possible as our priority is your health.

Shingles Vaccine
Anyone who has had chickenpox can get shingles, but the older we get the more likely it is to happen. Shingles happens when the chickenpox virus starts to replicate again, flaring up from the nerve cells it has been dormant inside. It causes a banded rash on the skin supplied by that nerve branch, which can be itchy and/or painful. Sometimes, once the rash has gone it can leave the area painful or feeling like it is burning - this is called postherpatic neuralgia and can last for a long time. The NHS now has a process to vaccinate anyone aged 70 years old. However, the vaccine itself is licensed for anyone over 50 years old. So if you want to reduce the risk of suffering from shingles and don't want to wait until you turn 70, give us a call to find out more. This is a private service, so there is a charge of £150.00, though we are aiming to be more affordable than the majority of private clinics offering this vaccination.

Travel Health
We can help with keeping you and your family healthy while on holiday with our range of travel health services. Private prescriptions written by your doctor for malaria prevention can be dispensed for collection or delivery at very competitive prices. Alternatively, our prescribing pharmacist can prescribe and supply malaria tablets such as Malarone or Doxycycline without you needing to see your GP. This may be easier than seeing your doctor, taking the hassle out of obtaining the medication you need. We can also prescribe and administer a range of travel vaccines, including Hepatitis A (Havrix Monodose), Tetanus boosters and Typhoid (either oral as Vivotif or injected as Typhim Vi). These are priced to be very competitive with existing travel clinics. We can also supply and administer Meningitis ACWY vaccine (Menveo) with a certificate suitable for Hajj or Umbra if needed. Finally, some women may wish to take tablets to delay a period to fully enjoy the holiday and we can supply these after a consultation as well. Give us a call or email to discuss your travel plans - our trained pharmacist and staff will check and confirm what health precautions (if any) you need. This initial consultation is FREE of charge, so you have no reason to not get in touch!

Weight management
For anyone wanting to lose weight, either for health reasons or some specific date such as weddings or holidays, we offer a range of weight management products you can choose from. For those needing rapid weight loss of at least a stone, we can offer Lipotrim complete meal replacement. These products are nutritionally complete, but very low calorie and fully replace food for the duration of treatment. Usual weight loss on these products is about a stone per month if the diet is taken strictly, as intended. We can also offer orlistat, prescribed by our prescribing pharmacist. This blocks some of the fat in meals from being absorbed; coupled with a low calorie diet, this will speed up how quickly weight is lost compared to standard dieting alone. Finally we offer "Lipotrim Maintenance" range of shakes, puddings and bars. These can be used to substitute one or two meals a day to reduce calorie intake and increase fibre, helping to give a gentle, sustainable weight loss or maintain a goal weight if a substantial amount has already been lost. Anyone signing up to our weight loss services will be assessed by our trained staff and pharmacist and offered free in-store weight measurement at weekly intervals. This is coupled with free telephone consultations and advice from the pharmacy to help motivate and keep you on track.

WhatsApp prescriptions
Have a prescription that needs dispensing? Got a mobile phone or tablet with Whatsapp Messenger installed? Simply take a photograph of the prescription (making sure the whole front of the prescription is visible) and send it via WhatsApp to 07434793242. One of our staff will then contact you to discuss delivery of the medication. Please make sure you keep the paper copy safe for us, as we will need that to hand over your medication. This service is available Monday to Friday between 9am & 5:30pm. We will also make it available on selected Bank Holidays - updates of days & times will be made on our website, Facebook & Twitter pages.

Women's Health
We offer a range of services that may be of use to women struggling to see their GP. After consultation with our prescribing pharmacist we can supply contraceptive pills, antibiotics for urine infections and tablets for period delay (to cover holidays, weddings etc). Get in touch to find out more details.